RPTE Conference Journals

RPTE Conference Journals

Limited to 7 advertisers

Delivered to all RPTE Spring Symposia & Fall Leadership attendees providing guaranteed exposure to RPTE’s most involved members.

Advertising Opportunities

Interior tri-fold space (6 available) - $1,750
Belly band (1 available) - $3,500


March 19, 2018


The RPTE Leadership Directory is scheduled to be mailed on September 1, 2018. The deadline for committing to sponsorship in the RPTE Leadership Directory is June 6, 2018. All artwork for the ads must be received by June 13, 2018.

Ad Specifications – Based on Ad Size

Full Page: 5” wide x 8” high
1/2 Page: 5” wide x 4” high
1/4 Page: 2.5” wide x 4” high

Please go to http://abarpte.sendmyad.com to submit files.

Please supply only a print-ready PDF file. We cannot accept any native application file formats (i.e., MS Word, InDesign, Publisher) or any other file format. PDF must be a hi-res, print-ready file. All raster images should be 300 dpi. All fonts must be embedded.

  • Do NOT include a bleed on ads.
  • Color ads must use CMYK color only. RGB color or spot colors (e.g., Pantone colors) are NOT acceptable.
  • Materials that are not properly prepared may be subject to additional production charges.
  • Ads must be submitted in the exact size they are to appear.

Emily Shawen