Probate & Property
Sworn Statement of Circulation

6-Month Period Ended September 2016

Average Total Circulation: 21,267
Total Subscribers: 22,800
Paid Subscribers: 22,800
Association Subscribers: 22,800 (100%)

Issue Analysis

Field Served: Probate & Property serves the members of the ABA Section of Real Property Trust & Estate Law, the legal profession, and others allied to the field.

Definition of Recipient: Recipients are individuals who receive Probate & Property as a benefit of their membership status within the ABA Section of Real Property Trust & Estate Law. Qualified recipients are lawyers (U.S. and foreign); legal assistants, legal libraries, administrators, law office managers, government business managers, and other associate members of the American Bar Association; law students; law libraries; and other titled and non-titled personnel allied to the legal profession.


Geographical Breakout:

United States: 93%

International: 0.7%


Source: ABA Membership Data 2017